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Can I Change Lawyers?

While your lawyer has very substantial rights pursuant to your contract for professional services, you remain in charge of your case. It is, after all, your case! Accordingly, you can change attorneys, if you believe it to be in your best interests. Your prior attorney will most likely be entitled to be paid (out of any recovery) for the services that he/she has provided for you (as well as be reimbursed those costs advanced in your behalf). However, you have the right to change attorneys if you deem it in your best interests. Of course, you should make sure that your new lawyer is aware of the prior representation, and make sure that the new lawyer agrees to represent you based on a sharing of the standard percentages for such cases. If you insist on your new attorney agreeing as such, the new representation will not cost you any more fees, as the old and new lawyers will be paid only out of the standard fees. Of course, all of this must be in writing. Finally, if you do not understand any aspect of your attorney’s fee contract, absolutely do not sign it!

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