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Verdicts & Settlements

$22,000,000 Densberger v United Technologies

Lawsuit alleged that design defects existed in the Sikorsky helicopter in question causingfatal injuries in a U.S. Army Helicopter crash in West Germany. Successful trial and appealsincluding a U.S. Supreme Court decision.

$19,000,000 Boerner v American Tobacco

Client diagnosed with lung cancer from Pall Mall cigarettes.

$9,500,000 Weidner v United States of America

Lawsuit against FAA for plane crash. FAA found 65% guilty for fault, U.S. Government settled duringcompensation portion of trail.

$7,165,000 McGarry v Memorial Hospital Ormond

Medical malpractice on FedEx pilot causing permanent and total disability.

$6,000,000+ Numerous clients

The firm represented numerous clients in cases against the makers of Fen Phen, a diet drug shown tocause heart valve disease.

$3,750,000 Watkins v Bombardier Aerospace, Short Brothers of Northern Ireland, Duncan Aviation andRockwell Collins

This lawsuit alleged that defects existed in the modified Sherpa plane in question causing fatalinjuries in a Florida National Guard crash involving the Virginia National Guard.

$3,500,000 Harris v K-Mart

A client slipped and fell at a K-Mart on a rolled up carpet left by the cleaning crew causing backinjury.

$3,000,000 Tillman v United States of America

Lawsuit against FAA for fatal plane crash of a Cessna 195 single-engine aircraft.  Lawsuit alleged that crash occurred as a direct result of air traffic controllers negligent navigation of the aircraft.

$2,250,000 Tewkesbury v United States of America

Auto Accident caused by government automobile.

$1,830,000 Stamper v Woods Petroleum, Inc.

Marine murdered at Amoco gas station in Arlington that failed to provide required security and safety measures.

$1,100,000 Carter v Brown and Williamson

Client diagnosed with lung cancer after smoking Lucky Strike cigarettes. Judgment affirmed byFlorida Supreme Court.

$500,000 Mace v John Doe M.D.

Auto accident resulting in injury to infant.

$175,000 Muhs v Phillip Graffenstien and Sitton Motor Lines

Auto accident resulting in bodily injury.

$85,000 Cegielski v Phillip Graffenstien and Sitton Motor Lines

Auto accident resulting in bodily injury.

$(confidential) Talmadge v Regeneration Technologies, Inc.

Suit against company that does human tissue recovery.

$(confidential) Blalock v General Motors

This case was from a GM Lumina Van seat back that collapsed during a rear end collision causingmultiple fatalities.

$(confidential) Boldry v National Department Store

A home repair division of a national chain caused a fire to client''s home resulting in the loss of the home.

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