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Norwood "Woody" S. Wilner


Norwood S. "Woody" Wilner, a native of Miami, Florida, became internationally famous for his successful campaign against the tobacco industry. Mr. Wilner and his team won the ground-breaking case, Carter v. Brown and Williamson, which resulted in the first verdict against the tobacco industry to be affirmed on appeal, involving both the Florida Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. Appearing on Good Morning America with Joan Lunden, Good Morning America with Katie Couric, CNN, NBC News, and many other broadcasts, Mr. Wilner said it was time to stop blaming the victims of tobacco and other diseases and to focus instead on the underlying causes - putting profits ahead of health and safety. National Public Radio, Newsweek, Time, People, Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and many other news sources have followed Woody''s campaign against corporate greed and indifference to the health of their customers.

Mr. Wilner graduated with honors from Yale University, majoring in engineering and philosophy. He had formal training in technical areas of physics, engineering, computer systems, and related fields. He received degrees of Masters in Engineering and Juris Doctor from University of Florida, where he graduated with high honors and was editor of the law review. He is an accomplished pilot with instrument and multiengine ratings and over 3000 hours experience.\r\n\r\nMr. Wilner has been a pioneer in applying technology to the law. He co-wrote a textbook, Asbestos Medicine on Trial, which combined scientific and legal research. He has written original computer software to accomplish many professional and scientific goals, including: evaluation of the epidemiology of tobacco related diseases; organization and presentation of a database of internal tobacco documents; and management of thousands of mass tort cases. He focuses on tobacco cases, mass torts, and the scientific and engineering aspects of accidents and injuries.

Education:  Yale University (B.A., Engineering/Philosophy, cum laude); University of Florida (M.S., Engineering); University of Florida College of Law, J.D. magna cum laude). Phi Kappa Phi. Order of the Coif. Articles Editor,, and Executive Editor,, University of Florida Law Review; National Moot Court Appellate Team. Law Clerk, Hon. James Lawrence King, Chief Judge, Southern District of Florida.

Professional Concentration: Aviation, tobacco product liability, computer law, toxic tort law, general products liability, environmental law; asbestos medicine (pulmonary and cancer issues); forensic epidemiology; aircraft operations, aerodynamics, and technology; computer software design; environmental sciences (air pollution, radiation, hydrology); engineering and technology; metallurgy.

Articles and Books:

Polygraphy: Short Circuit to Truth?, 29 U. Fla L. Rev 286 (1977).

Computer Literacy and the Keyboard Problem in Document Production, National Law Journal (February 1993).

Database Design for Attorneys, National Law Journal (June 1994).

Asbestos Medicine on Trial (with Ilan Allan Feingold, M.D.), Andrews Publications (1995).

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The Criminal Negligence of the Cigarette Industry and How Its Customers Have Paid With Their Lives (1998).

The First Reaction of the Guilty: The Scientific Basis for the Liability of the British Tobacco Industry, British Insurance Law Assoc. Journal (June 2000 No. 103).

Lectures and Research Papers:

Can You Fool the Machine? Exercise Testing of Asbestos Claimants, Defense Research Institute, Miami FL, 1988.

The Apportionment Manifesto, Attribution and Apportionment of Cancer from Multiple Causes, Defense Research Institute Convention, New Orleans LA, 1990.

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Standing Alone: Suits by Individual Smokers, Mealey''s Tobacco Conference: Settlement and Beyond, Chicago IL, September 1997.

Panelist, Second Harvard Conference on Tobacco Litigation, Harvard Law School, November 1997.

Guest Lecturer, Florida Coastal School of Law, Jacksonville FL. Tobacco Trial Panel: An Indepth Analysis, Mealey''s Tobacco Conference: Settlement & Beyond 1988, Amelia Island FL, February 1998.

Moderator, Who Should Fill the Empty Chair, Mealey''s New Fronts in the Asbestos Wars, Boston, September 1998.

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Hot Documents: How are they Being Used to Bolster Claims? Conspiracy and Fraud. Review of Recent Publications, Mealey's Tobacco Litigation Conference, November 1998.

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ATLA Tobacco Litigation group presenter, 2000 ATLA Convention/Chicago, August 2000.

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History of Asbestos Litigation, Mealeys Asbestos 101 Litigation Conference, Washington DC, February 2001.

Conference Chairs:

  • Asbestos Litigation: The Eye of the Storm. Current Medical and Legal Issues, Bal Harbour, FL, February 25-26, 1991.
  • Case Management Issues In Asbestos Litigation, Andrews Publications, San Francisco, CA, 1991.
  • Critical Options: The Judges'' Seminar on Asbestos Litigation, Philadelphia, PA, 1992.
  • The Asbestos Future Class Action and the Future of Mass Tort Litigation, New Orleans, LA, May 6-7, 1993.
  • On a Course to a New World: Asbestos Litigation after the Global Settlements, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1994.
  • The Driving Issues (Tobacco), New Orleans, LA, May 2-3, 1996.
  • Andrews Publications 6th Annual Tobacco Litigation Conference, New Orleans, LA, April 1999
  • Andrews Publications 7th Annual Tobacco Litigation Conference, New Orleans, LA, April 1999

Trials (Tobacco):

  • Carter v. B&W 1996
  • Connor v. Reynolds 1997
  • Karbiwynk v. Reynolds 1997
  • Maddox (Widdick) v. B&W 1998
  • Newcomb etc. vs. B&W, Reynolds and Philip Morris 1999
  • Boerner v. American Tobacco 2003
  • Blicth v. Liggett 2011
  • Jewett v. Reynolds 2011
  • Pickett v. Reynolds 2012
  • Frailey v. Reynolds 2012
  • Smith v. Reynolds 2012

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