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Pelvic Mesh FAQ

v  What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)? 

                                POP is a condition in which pelvic organs and tissue such as the bladder, uterus, vagina and rectum have fallen and pushed or moved toward the outside of the woman such as pushing against the vagina toward the outside of the woman’s body. 

v  What terms are commonly used by women to describe these conditions? 

                                Bulging, falling out, protruding, dropped or dropping, pressure. 

v  What causes POP? 

                                Some Causes are childbirth, chronic constipation, congenitally weak pelvic tissues, hysterectomy, trauma, obesity and heaving lifting. 

v  What are the indications for use of synthetic mesh to treat POP? 

                                To provide permanent support to weakened pelvic tissues and support to the prolapsing or fallen organs. 

v  How is the device implanted? 

                                Each product has “arms” for insertion into the tissue to surgically establish a tension free implantation of the product. 

v  What problems are women experiencing as a result of pelvic mesh implantation? 

                                Problems created by pelvic mesh include shrinkage of tissues, infection, inflammation, sexual pain, pelvic pain, vaginal and/or rectal problems, scarring and deformation of vaginal tissues, erosions and extrusions of the mesh, dyspareunia (painful intercourse), infections and permanent nerve damage. 

v  What terms are commonly used by women to describe their problems? 

                                Pain, inability to have intercourse, discharge, bleeding.

v  How are these complications treated? 

                                Treatments may include total or partial removal of the mesh with return of POP (usually multiple surgeries are required), altered vaginal anatomy due to scarification requiring pelvic reconstruction, temporary and permanent colostomies, bladder stents, vaginal physical therapy and electrostimulation for treatment of nerve damage. Women experience body image, psychological and self-esteem issues. 

v  What is causing the complications? 

                                The products injuring women, were not properly researched, investigated, tested or manufactured. Due to the process by which they are made or designed material used is changed in a dangerous way. 

v  How does one know which brand of pelvic mesh she has? 

                                We request the product implant sticker from the hospital in which the product was implanted. 




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